Pre War Birkenhead

Ads, Flyers, Grange Road, Trams, Rodney Street, Vehicles,  New Ferry, Tranmere, Bromborough, Bebington 

Grange Road 
Advert 1929
Does anyone have images of this building above in its heyday?? 
CM 8351 Bhead Turntable 

So, the mini skirt wasn't invented by Mary Quant !!! 

Oxton Water Tower 

The monument, now in Clifton Crescent. This locale not known 

District by Cammell Lairds 

Oxton Congregational Church 

Bhead Police 1870. Also did fire duties 

Bhead Priory, formerly Moreton Priory 1780 

Storeton Quarry 


Ismay Fireplace Kingsland Buildings Borough Road 

Tranmere Workhouse in the left 


Tranmere Pier 

Tranmere Ferry 

Dixie Deans, front centre, best footballer ever to come out of Merseyside. Started off with Tranmere Rovers then made a successful career at Everton FC. 
Bromborough & Bebington 

Probable Escape Routes of the Vikings
For more information visit: Here

Bebington Road 

Bebington Church 


Bebington Old Hall 

Bromborough Cross 

Bromborough Maternity Home 

WW1 Convalescing Soldiers Bromborough 
New Ferry  

Esplanade New Ferry and below in 1910 

New Ferry Brickworks 

New Ferry Tollgate 


New Ferry Pier. For info on Ferries visit Here

New Ferry 1890 

New Ferry Hotel (Cadet is from either HMS Conway or Indefatiguable) (below) 
New Ferry Ferry buildings

A tiny piece of England I call my home, a back yard in New Ferry

Cottages in Woodchurch, is that an outside privvy on the left? Looks like someone in it????

Woodchurch pub

Woodchurch Post Office