Wirral Dockland

Cammell Lairds 1857






During WW2

Lairds 1950

Lairds - Princess Dock

Clover Shipyards

Grayson, Rollo & Clover

Grayson, Rollo & Clover

St Lukes Church can be seen on the horizon. From here to the river could best be described as a sewage dump
This part became Bidston Dock. It was intended to run a canal across the Wirral to Hoylake and another port. John Laird
was one of the financiers. Liverpool got wind of it and, fearing for their port paid a very high price to purchase the respective
property and the canal backers made a fortune each. It became known as the great Wirral Con!

Two images of the early Penny Bridge

Opening of the docks

Bidston Dock

East Float 1894

East Float

This operated the 4 Bridges

Machinery inside the Hydraulic Station

Tower bomb damage

Same, but in colour

Morpeth Dock IoMBoats

Vittoria Dock (New Clan Line Berths still being built)

I suspect the Valiant (Fireship) is the vessel behind these.

Duke St Bridge & below

Four Bridges

Ixion and Clytoneus, West Float

Spillers 1970

Spillers Dock 1970

Buchanan Mills from Spillers. 1970. This burnt down not long after

Ocean, RHM, and Spillers

Stone Manganese opposite E Float.

Spillers E Float

Spillers left Buchanans Mill (RHM) right

Vittoria Dock

West Float

West Float



One O'Clock gun Morpeth Dock